008 Andy & Mia Beales – World Class China and Asia Workshop Photographers

Rick says that his Remote China photo workshop with Andy and Mia was perhaps one of his greatest photo adventures.
Andy and Mia arrange the cormorant fisherman to be on site before dawn so that his photo workshop participants could get picture-perfect shots. They also arranged for the group to visit the fishermen’s home, where Rick not only photographed the brothers, but also did some of his magic tricks for them. Andy and Mia also knew the best locations for the rice paddy shots. 
Here’s a link to Rick’s favorite images from the workshop, which he co-lead with Ken Koskela: http://ricksammon.com/remote-china/
Andy & Mia started by founding www.guilinphotographytour.com  and expanded to other places in China and Asia with their brand Gatsby®
www.gatsbytravel.com which also provides consulting and training for tour operators. This is their brand and they’re working on launching a great new site and all branding will move to this. Andy’s site is www.andybeales.com

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