034 Steve Wellmeier and Rick Sammon offer Arctic and Antarctica Photo Tips

Photographing from Zodiacs, Big Ships and Helicopters can be Challenging.

Rick has been to more than 100 countries – which took him almost 68 years of stilling for long hours on plan and in airports. As he says, “It’s not easy having fun,” which will be topic of a future podcast.

In this episode Rick talks with Steve Wellmeier, Managing Director of Poseidon Expeditions, North American office, about how professional photographers can get professional quality photographs while traveling on expedition ships – something Rick has proven in the past. 

Rick gives tips on telling a story, photographing birds, using filters, photographing from a Zodiac, processing and downloading. 

Rick and his wife Susan will be the photo coaches on the Poseidon Expedition “Highlights to the High Arctic” cruise in 2019. Here the info:



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