065 Edward Greenberg and Jack Reznicki talk with Rick about the legal use of a photographer’s photographs on the internet

Jack and Ed are like having Walter White and Saul Goodman showing you how to come out on top when the big corporate media cartels try to take what’s yours and bury you. You’ll hear why in this interview

Rick asks this dynamic duo about registering photographs, copy right issues, the use of © in images, changes in registration and so-called “search and settle” agencies.

Links for Ed ­
website: www.greenbergiplaw.com
email:­ ecglaw@gmail.com

Links for Jack ­
website: www.reznicki.com
email: jack@photonews.net
A special Canon video interview that’s kinda cool. http://bit.ly/256donH

Their blog ­ www.thecopyrightzone.com
Their book “The Copyright Zone” is available on Amazon ­ 

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