100 — Picturing Success turns 100 today!!

Rick Sammon & Larry Becker have reached episode 100 and today’s a giveaway celebration

Not only have Rick & Larry been doing a podcast for photographers with the best photographers in the world, they have both been learning along the way. Besides hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways, today’s episode is Rick and Larry sharing some GREAT lessons they’ve learned from the first 99 episodes.

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2 thoughts on “100 — Picturing Success turns 100 today!!

  1. Congratulations for hitting 100. Each and everyone of you podcasts have been informative and enjoyable. Keep up the great work

  2. Awesome! 100! Congratulations!
    In fact, I have to say thank you!
    You both gave and will give me so many hours of FUN! So many awesome advices, ideas, and and and!!!

    Always can’t wait for the next episode…

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