106 Mike “Spike” Ince interview by Rick Sammon

Rick talks with night sky, focus stacking and long exposures with returning guest Mike “Spike” Ince

Photographer and workshop leader Mike “Spike” Ince returns to our podcast for a detailed discuss of night sky photography, focus stacking and long exposures. You’ll learn a bunch in this episode – including how to take night sky pictures even when using a 600mm lens.

Want to learn more from Spike? Check out his blog (link below). You can also learn from this talented young dude in person during a 2019 photo workshop he’s leading for NANPA – the North American Nature Photography Association (see link below) in Moab, Utah. 

https://mikeince.com/about/ – Mike’s gear and the WordPress plugin(s) discussed, includes star tracker links and add ons.

https://mikeince.com/focus-stacking-tutorial/ – tutorial which was discussed

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