111 Rick Talks with Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Photographer, Author and more ­ Harun Mehedinovic

Need some inspiration ­ photographically and personally? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this interview, Harun talks about everything from surviving “sniper alley” as kid (age 9) to photographing in sub­zero conditions as an adult (he’s now 35).

Huran was on episode #42 of our podcast. In this episode, Harun gives us an update on all this projects, including a HBO project produced by Leonard DiCaprio. The documentary highlights the effects of methane gas on the environment and climate change – a topic close to Rick’s heart.

For all our “gear head” listeners, Harun also talks about the Canon cameras and lenses he uses for his still photographs, videos and time­lapse sequences.

Rick, in cosy Croton­on­Hudson, NY interviewed Harun while he was working in chilly Alaska ­ from his vehicle. We thank Harun for sharing his passion for image making and life with us.
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