130 Alec Arons – The Seven Habits of a Successful Workshop Participant

Alec Arons is a loyal listener to the podcast and has attended several of Rick’s Workshops now he is giving back!

Photography was a long dormant hobby for Alec but over the past 2 plus years he has rekindled his passion and is developing into a fine photographer with a passion for, old cars, neon and landscapes.

Rick and Alec talk about his growth as a photographer and with homage to Stephen Covey the habits that Alec has developed to maximize his participation in workshops and local meet-up groups. Applying these principles have enabled Alec to learn and grow as a photographer. He has learned that being prepared, mindful and sharing his images with others have enabled him to maximize his experience and grow in confidence.

Alec credits Rick with curing his OCD – Obsessive Clicking Disorder through the One Picture Promise though he is slowly developing a case of Obsessive Cropping Disorder. One other thing about Alec ,as Rick has mentioned in the past, he is very familiar with all of our sponsors and for that we thank him with apologies to his very supportive wife Diane!





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