136 Rick talks about LOTS of gear with Chris Klapheke

Let’s Talk About Gear for the great outdoors!

Rick Sammon and Chris Klapheke of Outdoor Photo Gear talk about unique gear to protect your camera kit while shooting in different harsh environments.

Cold, wet, salty and dusty conditions can make for some very dramatic images. However, those same conditions can play havoc with you and with your valuable equipment.

As seasoned outdoor photographers, Rick and Chris discuss some of their favorite ways and favorite gear to keep you and your camera kit safe and dry. From boots and gloves to rain gear, Chris gives you the lowdown on good products to buy based on his many years of retailing outdoor gear to photographers.

Outdoor Photo Gear

NEOS Overshoes
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/search.php?search_query=overshoes&Searc h=

OP/Tech Rain Covers

Think Tank Rain Covers
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/search.php?search_query=emergency&Sear ch=

Vortex Storm Jackets

Kwik Camo Photo Blind
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/epgear-kwik-camo-ultra-portable- photography-blind-true-timber-katani/

Pod Pad Tripod Carry

Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen

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