142 Frank Doorhof — Rick Talks with Frank Doorhof About Lighting, Workshops and More!

Recorded live from Frank’s RV (yes, it was parked) in the Netherlands, Frank offers tips on lighting, working with models and more!

When it comes to lighting, Frank does it all. He uses speedlites, studio strobes, natural light, Lume Cubes, gels or whatever it takes to make the shot – because it’s all about creating a mood with lighting. Frank also talks about TTL vs Manual speedlight shooting.

In September 2019, Frank is coming to NYC for an awesome workshop. Click on the link below to learn more about this workshop. You can also catch Frank at Photoshop World, where you may see him on stage playing guitar with our friend Scott Kelby.

Sept 1, Mastering the Model Shoot in New York, USA


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