146 Jack Reznicki – Rick sits down with his friend and fellow Canon Explorer of Light

Jack Reznicki and Rick are at Rick’s studio in Croton on Hudson, New York to talk photography, photo books, copyright and more

Join Rick and Jack on this multi-topic podcast, where this dynamic duo share their long-time passion for photography, teaching and learning. You’ll also get some tips on non-photography books that will help you improve your photography.

Want more info? Rick and Jack also talk about their favorite sushi place in Vegas, as well as the improved sharpness of Canon EOS R images.

It’s all good fun on this episode of our podcast!


Jack’s site

Jack’s Instagram @reznicki

Yama Sushi

Jack’s Link — The Copyright Zone 

Book links:
Vision and Art – The Biology of Seeing – Margaret S. Livingston 

Color and Light – James Gurney 

Perception and Imaging – Richard Zakia 

Family of Man


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