157 Five Quick Tips for How To Be Successful & Comfortable On the Back 9

“The Back 9” is a golf term that Rick and Larry are using to describe retirement age and how to prep for it

When you’re working your way through life and looking toward distant (or near) retirement plans, there are things you can do to make those retirement years quite a bit better. 

More than just 5 tips, but keeping with the 5QT style, Rick and Larry talk about some smart things you can do to plan for retirement.

Rick and Larry record these podcast episodes in advance and Larry edits things together on the weekend for the upcoming week. The podcast hosting service we use, Libsyn, has the ability to put the podcast in a queue so it can be scheduled to come out later, but Libsyn screwed up on this one. The software erred like this once in the past, and we pulled the accidental early post and scheduled it for the proper release time. Unfortunately, because of the 3 minute long accidental post life, normal announcements didn’t happen and that episode had super low listenership. Rather than do that again and have our friends miss out on the show, this time when Libsyn screwed up, we decided to leave it posted and run with it. 

Have a nice weekend!

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