158 Jefferson Graham – Video Photo Walks and Photographer Discussions with Rick

USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham Talks with Rick About His YouTube Photo Walk Series and more!

In this episode, Rick talks with USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham about the videos Jefferson makes for his YouTube Photo Walk series.

You will learn about sound recording as well as video recording. All good info if you want to make your own videos.

Rick and Jefferson also talk about still photography, including taking photos with pro cameras and the iPhone.

These guys have a lot in common. They both play guitar, and in this episode they talk about the similarities between music and photography.

Here are the links to what Rick and Jefferson talk about on the show.

Website: http://www.jeffersongraham.net
Blog: http://blog.jeffersongraham.com
Photo walks: http://www.youtube.com/jeffersongraham
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jeffersongraham Newsletter: https://jeffersongraham.substack.com/

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