162 Martin Bailey – Photographer, instructor, app developer, podcaster workshop pro, talks with Rick 1-on-1

Rick talks with photographer, photo instructor, podcaster, workshop leader, iOS app developer and musician Martin Bailey about their shared passions – professionally and personally

This is a fun show! Rick begins by welcoming listeners to Martin’s awesome podcast, The Martin Bailey Photography podcast, and Martin welcomes folks to the Picturing Success podcast.

Martin and Rick talk about workshops – not only how to get great pictures, but how to enjoy the experience. If you are looking for an intensive and fun-filled workshop, check out Martin’s workshops!

More fun: Rick and Martin both agree that it’s a good idea to go back and look at past images – to see how they might be improved with new technology.

Martin also talks about Rick’s 40th book (Kindle and paperback), Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom – discovering the power of pictures. Here, too, Rick and Martin have many of the same photo – and life – philosophies.

Visit with Martin here:

Web site: https://martinbaileyphotography.com/
Blog: https://martinbaileyphotography.com/blog/
Portoflios: https://mbp.ac/portfolios
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/martinbaileyphotography
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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MartinBaileyPhotography
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Link to Rick’s 40th book

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