194 Erin Babnik Talks with Rick about the Craft of Photography

Erin Babnik Shares Her Thoughts on Photography and Creativity

Rick met fellow Canon Explorer of Light, Erin Babnik at the Out of Oregon conference this past October. After singing and playing guitar around a campfire on the beach, Rick attended Erin’s “Beyond Perfection” talk – and was impressed with her images and her presentation. They became friends immediately.

In this interview Erin shares her thoughts on photography and creativity. She also talks about her workshops and an e-book – Photographing Through the Seasons – on which she collaborated with the pros from Photo Cascadia.

Photo Cascadia consists of seven photographers: Erin Babnik, Sean Bagshaw, David Cobb, Adrian Klein, Kevin McNeal, Chip Phillips and Zach Schnepf. They are all from the Cascadia region and share the common interest of photographing the striking beauty of the outdoors, especially the Northwestern United States.

Visit with Erin:
Canon Explorers of Light
Facebook: www.facebook.com/babnikphoto
Photo Cascadia Team Member: www.photocascadia.com Twitter: twitter.com/ErinBabnik
Book link: https://erinbabnik.com/photographing-through-the-seasons/

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