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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

102 Justin Wojtczak – Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Larry talks with Justin about how adding simple video to his services has changed his business for the better

Justin Wojtczak is a wedding photographer and videographer based in Atlanta. He met Larry when Justin was teaching classes at Photoshop World and helping still shooters add simple video to their photography offerings. Of course that struck a cord with Larry and they’ve been friends ever since.

This interview might just open your eyes to the possibility of doing simple video without becoming an indy filmmaker or learning cinematography.


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101 Composition with Rick & Larry

Rick Sammon and Larry Becker deep dive into the rules of composition and why you should break them

Interviews are great and we’ve had amazing guests on our first 100 episodes!! But our listeners also ask for topic shows where Rick and Larry unpack a subject so photographers can glean a better understanding of their own capture process. Today Larry interviews Rick about composition and you’re sure to hear some new insights you’ve never thought of before.

Maybe you know the rule of thirds, but have you ever heard of the rule of odds? How about do it diagonally? Rick has a BUNCH of rules and guidance all about composition and when and how you might consider breaking the rules. Rick and Larry deep dive as fellow photographers, into the fun topic of things to consider so you can improve your composition skills.

100 — Picturing Success turns 100 today!!

Rick Sammon & Larry Becker have reached episode 100 and today’s a giveaway celebration

Not only have Rick & Larry been doing a podcast for photographers with the best photographers in the world, they have both been learning along the way. Besides hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways, today’s episode is Rick and Larry sharing some GREAT lessons they’ve learned from the first 99 episodes.

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098 Margot Raggett – Founder of the Remembering Wildlife Project

Rick interviews Margot Raggett about her Remembering Wildlife book series and her photography

Some of the world top photographers – including Jonathan & Angela Scott and Art Wolfe – have contributed photographs for the Remembering Wildlife book series, and many celebrities – including Russell Crowe, Michelle Pfeiffer, Piers Morgan and Ricky Gervais – support the project. Learn why in this interview.

In 2015 Margot founded the Remembering Wildlife project, a ‘live-aid’ moment for wildlife photographers coming together for a fund-raising book first on elephants entitled Remembering Elephants. This was followed by Remembering Rhinos and in October 2018, Remembering Great Apes was published. She has partnered with the Born Free Foundation on all three books, which so far have raised £460,000 GBP / $600,000 for conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

Margot’s website

097 BONUS Episode – Workshop Alert • St. Augustine Florida Birding and Photo Fest

April 24-28 is a special event for birding and photo enthusiasts

This episode is a behind-the-scenes peek at an upcoming special event in north Florida where Rick and a host of others will be teaching and shooting.

This BONUS episode of the Picturing Success podcast is all about that event and answers some questions if you’re thinking about going.

The Official Birding and Photo Fest Web Page


096 Kaylee Greer – Dog Photographer and TV Star Talks Business and Art

From her heartfelt dog rescue photos in the beginning to her new TV show, Kaylee Greer is setting new standards for dog photography

When photography is your passion, it CAN evolve into an amazing career, and Kaylee Greer is proof. She teaches dog photography for Kelby One, she has national clients in the pet marketplace, and she’s even on NatGeo Wild with her show Pupparazzi!!

You’ll be inspired and educated as you listen to Larry’s interview with his good friend Kaylee Greer.


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095 Kristina Sherk – Master Retoucher, Photographer, Trainer and more

Larry spoke with Kristina about the business side of her photography and much more

Providing behind-the-scenes information about the business side of photography isn’t something a lot of people do. Kristina opens up about her photography business and how she markets her headshot and workshop offerings in the highly competitive Washington DC market.

From her incredible retouching expertise, to her underwater photography, and her headshot business, Kristina is incredibly sought after in today’s marketplace. And what’s great for Picturing Success listeners is how open and honest she is on today’s show.

From the craft of photography to the business side of things, plan to learn from today’s show.





094 Close Up & Macro (PLUS a contest)

Rick & Larry discuss tools and techniques for great close up and macro photography

Rick and Larry both have experience with various kinds of close up and macro photography, from Rick’s books to Larry’s training videos, there’s a lot of information packed into this episode.

You’ll learn about lighting, handheld and studio shots, and all kinds of techniques for getting great big images of the smallest subjects out there.

Platypod Contest Link


093 Larry Talks with Rick About His Amazing A&K Antarctica Expedition

Find out what it’s like to be in Antarctica – and learn how to make images in Antarctica

Rick has been there (four times) done that – and has come back with some amazing images.

In December, Rick once again journeyed to the bottom of the world with Abercrombie & Kent as a photo coach, along with A&K’s awesome photo coach Richard Harker, who has previously been on our podcast talking about his photography.

Rick travelled totally mirrorless this time, using Canon EOS R cameras. In this episode, Rick talks about the challenges of getting to Antarctica (four days), photographing in chilly conditions, protecting one’s photo gear, his favorite photo ops (from Zodiacs) the joy of teaching, keeping warm and the shear wonder of photographing the White Continent. Climate change and working with a wonderful team of naturalist is also discussed.

Antarctica Gallery

Rick’s Photo Workshops

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