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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

044 Glyn Dewis, Dave Clayton, Rick & Larry

Our UK friends from the “He Shoots, He Draws” podcast joined us at Photoshop World for a great conversation

Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton are a couple of talented and really funny professionals from England. They were in Orlando with us for Photoshop World 2018, since they’re instructors too. And you’ll be able to hear from the interaction, that we all respect each other and poke fun too. Hope you enjoy listening in on this conversation.

Lots of links:

He Shoots He Draws podcast


Dave’s social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: itsDaveClayton

Glyn’s social media on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube: glyndewis

043 Giving A Great Photography Presentation

Rick and Larry share all kinds of insights for giving a great presentation

Having been on stage hundreds and hundreds of times each, Rick and Larry have some solid insights about how to connect with the crowd, how to set and maintain good energy, how to establish credibility, and more. 


040 Ron Clifford turns the Tables and Interviews Rick Sammon

It’s the Ron and Rick Show – all about a photo safari!

Ron Clifford is back on our podcast, but this time he is interviewing Rick! Ron asks Rick about what it’s like going on safari – because Ron is going on his first-ever safari. Ron and Rick talk photo gear, clothing, medicine and more.

039 Linda Marshall & Rick Sammon — Can Meditation Help Your Photography?

Linda Marshall Shares Mindful Insights with Rick Sammon

We all know that meditation can play a key role in the happiness – and calmness – of our lives. In this episode, Rick talk with his friend, photo workshop participant and meditation specialist Linda Marshall about how meditation can enhance your life and your photography. Ommmmmmmmmm.

Visit Linda’s site: www.lindamarshall.org

038 Picturing Success Talks Tech with Victor Abyad

Rick and Victor get into tech stuff to help photographers

Rick is the first to admit he is not a tech guy, unlike Larry who knows his tech. In this episode, Rick talks tech with one of his recent Africa photo safari participants – Victor Abyad. Rick and Victor discuss some of the latest photo tech trends, innovations and changes.

Links from Victor about his work and the tech stuff he and Rick discussed:


037 The Zuckerberg Philosophy

Rick & Larry expand on Rick’s Blog Post about Mark Zuckerberg’s Founders Letter

Rick recently posted on his blog, that he believes, “what we learn in one field can help us in another field.” Larry & Rick dive into 5 points from Mark Zuckerberg’s 2012 Founders Letter and explore how applying each of these 5 principles to photography, can help us grow as photographers.

Show Links:

Rick’s Blog Post about Zuckerberg’s Founders’ Letter

NeoTec Tripod Legs

Larry’s Video “Forbes Tips on Video Marketing”

“FREE – The Future of Radical Pricing” – Chris Anderson

“The Thank You Economy” – Gary Vaynerchuk

036 It’s Not Easy Having Fun

Looking at the fun times and success of others, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes

This time Rick and Larry talk about some of the necessary prep work that has to happen before you can have fun. 

Sure, the podcast is about photography, but this episode is for everybody! It’s a little bit of motivation, inspiration, and real world advice designed to help ANYBODY get to the point where they can have more fun.