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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

087 Ross Chevalier and Rick talk music and photography – Part I

Ross and Rick, both accomplished photographers and musicians, talk about what they have learned from playing guitar and how those lessons apply to photography.

Ross Chevalier, podcaster, musician, photographer, videographer and KelbyOne Community moderator, joins Rick for a serious, yet entertaining, talk about how their two passions – photography and music – work together to make them better at each craft. If you play an instrument, you will love this show. If you don’t, it may encourage you to pick up a guitar – or one, or two or more!


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Tuesday’s Instagram’s Got Talent

There are so many talented photographers out there – and many of them are on Instagram. With that in mind, we’ve launched “Tuesday’s Instagram’s Got Talent.”

Who knows, you might be discovered next!!

For this first episode of Tuesday’s Instagram’s Got Talent, check out Andy A. Balaz.


086 Larry Interviews Rick, Fresh from A Costa Rica Scouting Trip

Rick and Larry discuss all the things you wonder about when you see awesome wildlife shots from Costa Rica

Whenever Rick goes on a workshop or a workshop scouting trip, he posts images from the trip as close to real time as possible. So amazing howler monkeys and red-eyed leaf frogs were popping up all over Rick’s social media and there are amazing stories behind the scenes that will entertain, engage and inform fellow photographers.


085 Larry & Rick Talk Video for Photographers

Rick and Larry have both been on both sides of the camera and they deep dive into video this time around

As trainers and explainers, both Larry and Rick have been on camera for years. Pro and enthusiast still shooters can really benefit by adding video to their mix and today’s show covers the ins-and-outs of how to be on camera, as well as how still shooters might consider adding video to their mix.

The switchback filming shot Rick mentioned…

084 Dr Eric Sherman talks with Rick about the Pain that nearly ended Rick’s career and his life

Got pain? Know someone who has pain? If so, you will learn a lot (if you have an open mind) from Rick’s interview with Dr. Eric Sherman, co-author of Pathways to Pain Relief

Back in the early 1980s, Rick suffered from chronic back pain for a long, long time. After a back operation that was futile, Rick found Dr. John E. Sarno, author of numbers books, including Healing Back Pain – The Mind Body Connection. Dr. Sarno and his associates, including Dr. Sherman, literally saved Rick’s life – and have helped him live the life he wants to live.

Hey Picturing Success listeners, we know that may sound a bit far out, especially if you have had back or neck pain for a long time. But if you have an open mind, and if you make feeling good and living a pain-free life your #1 priority, this interview will help you will understand the power of our mind over our body – and how some feeling can be crippling . . . in more ways than one.

Link to Eric’s book

Link to Dr Sarno’s book

083 Clay Blackmore – Rick talks with fellow Canon Explorer of Light Clay Blackmore about how he runs a successful wedding and portrait business – and more

Today, wedding photography is more competitive than ever and Clay offers amazing insights!

You not only need to be a good photographer and videographer, you need to be a good businessperson – and perhaps most important, you need the customer to love you. Clay has mastered all of the above.

 In this episode, Clay Blackmore and Rick talk about many things, including, “All You Need is Love.” Clay loves the photo industry, his clients – and himself . . . which we think you will find interesting and informative. Clay also talks about the photographers who have influenced his work, award-winning work that is sought out by many in the Washington, DC area.


082 Jeff Cable – From the Olympics to Africa to Costa Rica, Jeff shoots it all

Jeff Cable’s photo philosophy is similar to Rick’s. His specialty is not specializing!

Photographing the Olympics, wildlife in Africa and Costa Rica and bar and bat mitzvah in California, Jeff does it all! 

Jeff and Rick talk about the ups and downs of making pictures at the Olympics and on safari in Africa/Costa Rica and at bar and bat mitzvah in California. They also touch on social media, including how to react when one gets blasted, as both Rick and Jeff – and all top pros – have been.

If you ever dreamed of being a photographer at the Olympics, leading photo tour around the world, or being a successful commercial photographer here at home, you’ve come to the right place. This seasoned pro shares his unique insight into the pro side of photography, helping us all to be better photographers.





Photo tours at:


081 Steve Brazill v2.0 – Rock star photographer, pro radio host talks with Rick Sammon

Back for round 2, Steve Brazill talks with Rick and shares insights all about success

Rock star photographer, pro radio host (one of the best in the business) and heck of a nice guy Steve Brazill returns to the podcast to talk about success – success beyond just making pictures.

Steve, host of the super-popular “Behind the Shot” podcast, and Rick talk about the “Attributes of Success” – confidence, persistence, craziness, problem solving and communication – and how success means different things to different people.

Larry and I like to take the podcast beyond the photo aspects of photography. That’s why we have guests like Steve Brazill on the show to talk about other aspects – important aspects – that affect our photography – and our life.


Behind the Shot Podcast

Social Media (Personal / Podcast)




080 Rick Sammon – Fresh from A Canyons Roadtrip

Rick is just back from shooting a workshop style class for Kelby One and he unpacks lots of lessons from the road

Larry and Rick unpack Rick’s latest road trip that resulted in GORGEOUS images. Larry plays interviewer this time and Rick is the interviewee.

Loads of discussions and you’ve got to check out Rick’s portfolio from this trip here:


079 Don Carter – Rick interviews NANPA former president and excellent wildlife photographer Don Carter

Interviewed shortly after Rick and Don returned from the NANAP Celebration in Jackson Hold, WY.

Rick and Don talk about the popularity of wildlife and landscape photography, and Don gives some insight into the benefits of joining NANPA, which includes attending events, receiving their newsletter and participating in on-going educational events.

Rick and Don also talk about NANPA’s scholarship program, which is available to high school and college students who are interested in wildlife conservation. And of course, Don gives tips on bird and mammal photography. Interested in protecting your intellectual properties? Rick and Don cover that, too.