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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

068 Jonathan Scott, the Big Cat Man, talks with Rick for the second time on our podcast

These two accomplished pros talk about everything from making pictures to understanding myths.

Jonathan Scott – host of Tales By Light on Netflix, artist, author, photographer, and more – is one of Rick’s photo heroes. In this interview these two pros talk about getting great pictures on safari and making the most out of one’s life. The interview goes behind just tech talk.

Rick met Jonathan and Angela in Antarctica, and they became friends immediately. Three years later, Rick and Susan Sammon were on safari in Kenya with the Scotts, making pictures, talking about life, enjoying The Mara, and having fun. In this interview you’ll see that Rick and Jonathan have a lot in common – stuff that they share in the hopes of you making better pictures . . . and making the most of your life.

The contest: https://www.winaphototrip.com/en/

And be sure to visit: https://www.bigcatpeople.com/

067 Cesar Rivera interviewed by the one and only Rick Sammon

Rick talks with photography instructor Cesar Rivera about technology, technique and more

Cesar Rivera heads up the New Way Photography Meet Up group in South Florida. Starting from scratch, the group now has more than 2000 members.

In this episode Cesar offers advice on starting a meet-up group, as well as advice on working in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Cesar’s meetup group

066 Rick interviews Jeremy Pollock about the ups and downs of drone photography

Fresh from flying his two drones in Rick’s backyard, Jeremy Pollock offers some tips on choosing and flying a drone. Drone photo tips, and some rules and regulations, are also part of this high-flying interview

Jeremy Pollock is a multi-talented photographer. He shoots awesome pictures from a drone, does fashion and jewelry photography and has a full-time job. If you are looking to get into drone photography, you have come to the right place. You will also learn how this young and talented photographer juggles all the different aspects of his life.

Jeremy’s Website


FAA Drone Registration Website

FAA “Remote Pilot” Getting Started:


065 Edward Greenberg and Jack Reznicki talk with Rick about the legal use of a photographer’s photographs on the internet

Jack and Ed are like having Walter White and Saul Goodman showing you how to come out on top when the big corporate media cartels try to take what’s yours and bury you. You’ll hear why in this interview

Rick asks this dynamic duo about registering photographs, copy right issues, the use of © in images, changes in registration and so-called “search and settle” agencies.

Links for Ed ­
website: www.greenbergiplaw.com
email:­ ecglaw@gmail.com

Links for Jack ­
website: www.reznicki.com
email: jack@photonews.net
A special Canon video interview that’s kinda cool. http://bit.ly/256donH

Their blog ­ www.thecopyrightzone.com
Their book “The Copyright Zone” is available on Amazon ­ 

064B BONUS – Dave Cross, Photoshop Expert talks with Larry about tips, tricks, and strategies for every level of learning

Master Photoshop Designer and trainer Dave Cross shares insights for learning Photoshop quickly and effectively

Photoshop is a big part of most photographers’ workflows and Dave Cross is one of the best Photoshop trainers on the planet. Larry and Dave discuss strategies for clever ways to learn Photoshop and they unpack the concept of a “Non-Destructive Workflow.”

Photoshop users at every level will get something out of this interview.

064 Rick interviews wedding, portrait, engagement photographer – and Canon Explorer of Light – Susan Stripling

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the work of one of today’s top wedding photographers. Also learn about Susan Stripling’s Wedding School

Susan Stripling has been named one of the Top 10 Photographers by American Photo magazine. She is also one of the top 20 Fearless Photographers. Susan started the Wedding School, an on-line education forum, and shoots about 45 weddings a year. If you want to learn about wedding photography, you have come to the right place.


063 Rick talks with Skylum’s US and China president Scott Bourne about Luminar, Aurora HDR, bird photography and more

If you love image processing – strait shots and HDR images – you’ll enjoy this podcast. Rick and Scott talk presets, and how to fine-tune a present for one-of-a-kind images

Rick and Scott have been in the photo industry for more than 40 years. In this episode these veteran photographers talk about how far we have come when it comes to processing our images – and how plug-ins and stand-alone programs like Luminar and Aurora can help to awaken the artist within.


062 Rick talks with Lewis Kemper about landscape photography, wildlife photography, photo processing and his workshops

Lewis Kemper is a master of light, capturing it and processing it. He worked with Ansel Adams and uses some of the same composition and processing technique he learned during his time with Ansel.

Lewis Kemper shares his insight on visualizing the end-result – when he is photographing landscapes, wildlife, and one of Rick’s favorites, horses running on the beach. Lewis also talks about how he makes his images stand out on social media – as well as this pre-Ansel Adams days as a dishwasher . . . which Rick thinks helped him get the job as Ansel Adams assistant.

Lewis’s Site

More Links:

061 Rick talks with Jim Schmelzer about the indoor and outdoor lighting

If you shoot portraits, indoors or outdoors, you don’t want to miss Jim’s tips – and his 7 time-proving lighting set ups

Learn about butterfly, loop, Rembrandt, Broad Rembrandt, Split Lighting and more from one of the top portrait photographers on the planet. If you have a $100 bill, take it out for this interview and learn about a cool lighting technique. Also go behind-the-scenes and hear Jim talk about he always gets the shots.



060 Rick talks with Mike “Spike” Ince about night sky and focus stacking photography

Looking to make great night sky and close up pictures, you’ve come to the right place

Spike met Rick on a photo workshop and they immediately became friends. Now Spike teaches night sky and close up photography on Rick’s workshops. He also helps out with camera and processing questions.

Rick and Spike cover gear and techniques, as well as some basic Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.

Mike’s Website

Focus stacking tutorial

Rick’s Blog