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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

030 Kevin Newsome – An interview with a pro photographer and true business professional

Larry Becker interviews Kevin Newsome about his 30+ years as a professional photographer and how he keeps things fresh

Kevin Newsome is not only a working professional photographer with more than 30 years as a studio owner, he is someone who constantly evolves to keep his work relevant. Larry interviews Kevin and discovers how he looks at the overall pro photography marketplace and finds ways to get paying clients when the competition is so tough. Many long-timers are burning out but Kevin is burning BRIGHT!

Kevin’s website

029 Criticisms Good & Bad

Critiques are an integral part of the photographic community and learning so you can grow as a photographer

In this episode Rick & Larry dive into the topic of photo critiques and how to give and get good criticism. Along the way, Rick and Larry discuss the types of criticism that should be ignored and types of criticism that should be sought.

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028 Matt Sweetwood – The Brains Behind Unique Photo and author of “Leader of the Pack”

Rick Sammon interviews Matt Sweetwood – author and the mind behind the successful Unique Photo

Rick Sammon spends some time with Matt Sweetwood, discussing some of the immense challenges behind the successful re-imagining of Unique Photo, the role divorce played in Matt’s life, and how he ultimately found peace through exploring religion, belief systems, and by the exercise of writing everything down in the form of a book called “Leader of the Pack.”

Here’s the book on Amazon:



027 Running Your Own Business – Rick Sammon & Larry Becker

Entrepreneurship As A Photographer – Tips, Tricks, & Insights

This time Rick Sammon & Larry Becker discuss decades of small business ownership and some of the ups and down along the way. As a photographer there are lots of considerations and this will help shooters at every stage of their business development. 

026 John Corwin – Rick Sammon interviews John and they get into all kinds of great technique tips for bird photography

This Rick Sammon interview with John Corwin starts out with a “Battle of Bird Photography Tips” and you’ll learn a LOT!

John Corwin is a neighbor and friend of Rick Sammon and they met on a photo walk years ago. And John is not only an accomplished bird photographer, he’s also so good at his craft that he was able to teach Rick and Larry some things about photographing birds.

This episode is just PACKED with great tips, tricks, and insights.

Be sure to visit these great resources John provided:


025 Building A Brand

Rick and Larry dive into what it takes to intelligently build a brand as a photographer and entrepreneur.

Rick Sammon has been widely known and successful on his own for decades and Larry has had some success as an author and speaker and they both tackle the ins and outs of building a personal brand. 

024 Ron Clifford – An interview about some especially personal benefits of photography

Rick Sammon interviews Ron Clifford about the healing benefits and the impact of photography on Ron’s personal life

Rick met Ron Clifford several years ago in San Fransisco during an informal get together of some top pros. Rick and Ron kept in contact and became friends.

Rick’s philosophy is that he becomes friends with people he respects and admires – and well as people who are a ton of fun. Ron Clifford mets those standards.

Ron opens up in this interview about his bout with depression, as well as sharing his insight into photography. We think you will enjoy this deeply personal and honest interview.


023 Should You Specialize – Rick & Larry discuss the pros & cons of specializing in a particular field of photography

You might think not specializing will help you get more work. But sometimes the opposite is true

There are considerations when it comes to specializing. I can help you get “known for” your specialization. That could get you more work. But if you’re known as a wedding shooter and there’s product photography to be done. You might miss out on jobs.

Then again, not specializing can keep you from having the specific portfolio that will help you land specific jobs. There’s a lot to consider and Larry & Rick run down the situations and options you’ll want to consider.


022 Andrew & Zosia Hunt – An interview with a talented couple PLUS tech talk

In our First Ever “Double Episode” Rick interviews the Hunts and Rick & Larry talk tech.

Rick met (actually almost bumped into) Andrew and Zoshi Hunt early one morning in Venice during Carnavale 2018. After hearing “KelbyOne instructor” as Rick walked past the couple, Rick said hi – and a new friendship was born.

Rick talks with this dynamic couple about their photography and how they manage their worldwide travels while raising three beautiful children.

We think you will enjoy this show . . . especially since Andrew is the first cow photographer who has been our guest!


021 Sammonisms- A solid collection of good advice from Rick Sammon’s workshops

Rick and Larry discuss some of Rick’s thoughtful memory tools he shares with his photography students. They’re called Sammonisms and Larry & Rick go through them and explore why each is important.


– The name of the game is to fill the frame.
– Dead center is deadly.
– When you think you are close, get closer.
– The camera looks both ways. Adapted from Freeman Patterson’s “The Camera Points Both Ways.”
– Expose for the highlights.
– Use your camera like a spaceship. (A Dick Zakia philosophy.)
– Light illuminates, shadows define. Shadows are your friend. Shadows are the soul of the photograph.
– Backlight = shoot tight.
– Make pictures, just don’t take pictures.
– See eye to eye – shoot eye to eye.
– Take the darn flash off the camera.
– Don’t oversaturate.
– Make a one-picture promise – to yourself.
– We are a part of everyone we meet.
– People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know.