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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

191 Don Komarechka 2.0 – Our friend Don the ‘Snowflake Guy’ shares all kinds of Macro photography secrets

Don Komarechka, a.k.a “The Snowflake Guy,” Returns to Our Podcast to Talk About Way More Than Just Photographing Snowflakes

Don and Rick talk about photographing subjects – from snowflake to ants – up close and personal. So if you have a $1,000 macro lens or a smart phone, this episode will give you some insight into this universe, as Don says, “at our feet.”

These two pros also talk about the blending of science and photography, and why it is so very important to understand the subject.

Rick and Don also talk about Don’s forthcoming (and much awaited) book, Macro Photograph – The Universe at Your Feet.

Visit with Don:

190 – Katrin Eismann and Rick talk about photoshop, photography, and visual arts

The Photoshop Diva Herself, Katrin Eismann, is our guest – talking about Lightroom Mobile from Adobe MAX 2019

Rick interviewed our friend Katrin Eismann while she was attending and presenting at Adobe MAX 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. Katrin talks about the classes she lead, including Contemporary Mobile Photography, which included street shooting a Lightroom processing.

Katrin also talks about why photographers should attend Adobe MAX – which is mostly comprised of graphic designers. One reason, she says, “It’s good to get inspired by other types of artists, not only photographers.”

If you are interested in mobile photography, Lightroom and photography in general, this podcast is for you.

Visit with Katrin on her website: katrin-eismann.com

BONUS – Behind the Scenes with the New PlatyBall Ballhead KickStarter

Larry B talks to Larry T, the PlatyBall Inventor

Just yesterday the all new PlatyBall was announced to the world on the Kelby One show The Grid. Today Larry B sits down with the inventor and they talk about the amazing new technology that has gone into the development of a ballhead that’s effectively upside down from what we’re used to.

Kickstarter Link:


189 Five Quick Tips about General Photography with Guest Photographer Steve Brazill

Our great guest and awesome concert photographer, Steve Brazill shares tips today

Steve Brazill has been a popular guest on our regular style interview shows and now Steve has stepped up when we asked him if he’d like to do a guest version of our 5 Quick Tips episodes. Steve tackles general photography in this great, short episode and you can find out more about him by following one of these links:

188 Susan Dimock and Rick Talk Fine Art Photography

Fine-art photographer Susan Dimock shares her photo philosophies with our listeners

Several years ago, Rick met Susan Dimock on the sandy beaches of Bandon, Oregon. They became friends immediately – for several reasons: they love photography, love sharing, love teaching and have a great respect for, and protecting, the environment . . . not only for the animals but also for people.

Susan shares some of her photo philosophies and well as some tips on photographing at slow shutter speeds, photographing at aquariums and photographing birds.

Susan also talks about her new projects, which include drawing stories out of the environment and running photo workshop in Oregon.

Visit with Susan on her website:

187 Five Quick Tips – ‘Lightbulb’ Moments and Shoutouts

This quick episode is about a few cool “ah-ha” moments and where they came from

As photographers, we’re always learning and today we take a little time to go through a handful of powerful, quick training tips and how they have helped us get better at photography.


186 Patricia Davidson A Rick Sammon Interview with a talented photographer and educator

Fine Art Landscape Photographer Patricia Davidson Shares Her Photographic Philosophies

We love interviewing pros at the top of their games – the nice ones anyway!

In this episode, Rick talks with fine art landscape photographer Patricia Davidson about her approach to making, and not just taking, pictures.

Topics covered: ND and polarizing filters, composition, print sales, and photographing waterfalls, streams, rivers and waves.

If you love landscape photography, you’ll love this episode – and Patricia. You can visit with her by clicking on the links below.

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Patricia Davidson
Portfolio: http://patriciadavidsonphotography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pdavidsonphoto/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/pdavidsonphoto
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PatriciaDavidsonPhotography 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pdavidsonphoto

185 Five Quick Tips for shooting in the Snow

From camera settings to helpful setup tips, you’ll be better in the snow after this episode

Quick and to the point, Rick and Larry talk about some of the challenges and ways to get better results when you’re shooting in the snow.

184 Joseph Roybal and Rick Talk Night Shooting, Landscapes, Seascapes…

Like landscape photography? Then we think you will love this episode of our podcast.

Denver-based landscape photographer Joseph Roybal, who Rick met at the recent Out of Oregon conference, is our guest!

Joseph talks about how he makes stunning landscape and seascape photographs – and how you can make them, too.

Specifically, this young and talented photographer shares, among other things, techniques for drawing people into the scene, how to create a you-are-there effect, and how to make (in camera and with post-processing) stunning nighttime images, which includes getting your composition right in daylight hours.

We know you’ll love this show and Joe! Visit with Joseph on his web site:

Instagram: JosephRoybalPhotography

183 Five Quick Tips for Studying and Capturing Window Light

Alec Arons had another great idea and Rick ran with it for some great tips

Rick points out that the Renaissance masters used one light source and there are great ways to see and leverage this kind of light.

Quick Tips style this episode is complete in under 9 minutes.