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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

081 Steve Brazill v2.0 – Rock star photographer, pro radio host talks with Rick Sammon

Back for round 2, Steve Brazill talks with Rick and shares insights all about success

Rock star photographer, pro radio host (one of the best in the business) and heck of a nice guy Steve Brazill returns to the podcast to talk about success – success beyond just making pictures.

Steve, host of the super-popular “Behind the Shot” podcast, and Rick talk about the “Attributes of Success” – confidence, persistence, craziness, problem solving and communication – and how success means different things to different people.

Larry and I like to take the podcast beyond the photo aspects of photography. That’s why we have guests like Steve Brazill on the show to talk about other aspects – important aspects – that affect our photography – and our life.


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080 Rick Sammon – Fresh from A Canyons Roadtrip

Rick is just back from shooting a workshop style class for Kelby One and he unpacks lots of lessons from the road

Larry and Rick unpack Rick’s latest road trip that resulted in GORGEOUS images. Larry plays interviewer this time and Rick is the interviewee.

Loads of discussions and you’ve got to check out Rick’s portfolio from this trip here:


079 Don Carter – Rick interviews NANPA former president and excellent wildlife photographer Don Carter

Interviewed shortly after Rick and Don returned from the NANAP Celebration in Jackson Hold, WY.

Rick and Don talk about the popularity of wildlife and landscape photography, and Don gives some insight into the benefits of joining NANPA, which includes attending events, receiving their newsletter and participating in on-going educational events.

Rick and Don also talk about NANPA’s scholarship program, which is available to high school and college students who are interested in wildlife conservation. And of course, Don gives tips on bird and mammal photography. Interested in protecting your intellectual properties? Rick and Don cover that, too.

078 Brandon Heiss from Westcott Talks Lighting and Gear with Larry

Brandon Heiss is a talented photographer and he’s immersed in the photo industry. This time out he shares some great insights.

Larry and Brandon have been friends for a lot of years because they both have been deeply involved in the photography industry. Brandon shares his path to his current position as Marketing Director with one of the most respected lighting companies on the planet, FJ Westcott.


077 Levi Sim — Rick Interviews Levi Sim ­ a talented part of the Photo Focus team &­ a dude who is big on education and inspiration

Levi shares his thoughts on the importance of a personal project, running a small business, networking and developing a style

Levi stands out from the crowd at Photoshop World ­ not only because he is super talented, but because he is one of the best­ dressed instructors. It may sound funny, but Levi feels, as Rick does, that dressing up and showing up is half the battle. Rick and Levi talk about famed photographers Karsh of Ottawa and Ansel Adams. This dynamic duo also discuss photo processing and the art and science of pulilometrics ­ the study of how the size of the subject’s pupil affects the viewer’s perception of the subject in a photograph.


076 Troy Plota – The Man Behind Plotaverse Motion Art, Is Our Guest Today

Troy sits down with Larry for a conversation about really standing out from the crowd with motion art

Troy Christopher Plota is the person behind the motion art software called Plotaverse and Plotagraph. 

Photographers are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and that’s getting harder and harder to do. From his home base in Maui, Troy joins Larry for a conversation about the software and some of the experiences people are having when it comes to using this new approach to motion art.


Troy’s portfolio 

075 Quil Lemons – Rick interviews the youngest – and one of the most talented and original guests we’ve had on the podcast

Today, many photographers try their hardest to be like other photographers. Quil Lemons is an exception.

Quil follows his heart and creates images that actually come from the heart. Learn how this up and coming photographer uses his film, yes film, camera to create his art.

Many photographers strive to get discovered, copying the work of others. Quil Lemons, who Rick learned about from Linda Marshall, one of Rick’s photo workshop participants and a guest on our show, does the opposite. He comes up with creative ideas and executes them exquisitely.

Quil’s social media is all

074 Brian Worley, working in the United Kingdom, is a Canon guru

Brian knows just about everything there is to know about Canon cameras, lenses and accessories

Even if you use another brand of camera, you’ll learn a lot from this interview with this high-tech photo maven. Brian trained with the late Chuck Westfall of Canon USA, and like Rick, thinks of Chuck to be one of the best of the best in our industry.

Afraid of speedlites? Fear not! Brian has some easy to follow tips for you. Need advice on choosing a lens. Brian helps there, too. He also talks about how newer lenses talk to newer cameras better than older cameras and lenses communicated. And, if you have a dog, Brian share some tips on dog photography, too!

Website: https://www.p4pictures.com

Instagram – @p4pictures : https://www.instagram.com/p4pictures

Twitter – @p4pictures : https://www.twitter.com/p4pictures

073 Nick Page is fast becoming one of the top landscape photographers in the country – and the world

Nick Page is at the top of his game, sharing his knowledge on his uber-popular YouTube channel, on his podcast and on his workshops. He shoots from dawn well into the night, making images with impact

Rick sat down with Nick during Rick’s Oregon Coast Photo Caravan photo workshop. These two pros discuss how to make images with impact by selecting an interesting subject and by choosing the best camera settings. Rick and Nick also talk about why they use Photoshop more than Lightroom. Good fun and good info for sure!






072 Fresh from a trip to Angola, pro photographer Piper Mackay talks about how to get great wildlife and people pictures while on safari in Africa

If you are a woman traveling alone, a guy traveling alone, or someone who likes to travel with a group, you will enjoy hearing Piper share her insights on traveling and running workshops in Africa

Too far away? Piper also runs workshops in California.

Yes, Piper is known for her awesome wildlife photographs. In addition, she is also a wonderful cultural photographer. In this interview Piper talks about cultural sensitivity and connection with a subject. Some listeners may be surprised that Piper uses a speedlite for some of her wildlife photography – a technique that Rick uses, too. Piper also talks about the need to follow a country’s politics before leaving home.

Web: www.pipermackayphotography.com

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