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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

011 Jack Reznicki Talks with Larry & Rick about © and more

World renowned photographer & Canon Explorer of Light, Jack Reznicki, spends some time talking with us about some of his passions

There’s a solid discussion of how Copyright laws affect photographers and what to do about it. And of course we talk about the craft and business of photography.


010 BONUS Episode – Rick Sammon fresh from Venice

Rick traveled to Venice in February and has some great insights and stories from the trip.

And since he was attending someone else’s workshop, he had some extra excursions and he has some great training tips. And of course there’s a whole gallery of images from the trip.

Check out these links:



008 Andy & Mia Beales – World Class China and Asia Workshop Photographers

Rick says that his Remote China photo workshop with Andy and Mia was perhaps one of his greatest photo adventures.
Andy and Mia arrange the cormorant fisherman to be on site before dawn so that his photo workshop participants could get picture-perfect shots. They also arranged for the group to visit the fishermen’s home, where Rick not only photographed the brothers, but also did some of his magic tricks for them. Andy and Mia also knew the best locations for the rice paddy shots. 
Here’s a link to Rick’s favorite images from the workshop, which he co-lead with Ken Koskela: http://ricksammon.com/remote-china/
Andy & Mia started by founding www.guilinphotographytour.com  and expanded to other places in China and Asia with their brand Gatsby®
www.gatsbytravel.com which also provides consulting and training for tour operators. This is their brand and they’re working on launching a great new site and all branding will move to this. Andy’s site is www.andybeales.com

007 Steve Brazill — An Interview with the Famous Live Music Photographer & Radio Personality

Live Music Photographer, Podcaster & Radio Personality Steve Brazill shares some thoughts on Concert Photography

Steve Brazill is a Southern California based music photographer, and the host of the Behind the Shot Podcast. He discusses the intricacies of Live Music Photography, from pre-show preparation to editing.

Steve shares his thoughts on shooting positions, image selection, shooting RAW, and at high ISO, plus a suggestion of a great book for the aspiring concert photographer.

Be sure to visit SteveBrazill.com for more of Steve’s images, and BehindTheShot.tv for his podcast.

006 Mike Kubeisy | Capturing Hollywood

Mike Kubeisy and Larry have been friends for years so it was a natural connection to have Mike, one of the leading still shooters in Hollywood, on for a discussion behind the scenes from the set of the popular TV series NCIS.

Mike has been shooting in Hollywood for over 30 years as a Motion Picture and Television Stills Photographer. He’s contributed his skills on countless Episodic projects as well as Features and New Media content.

When Mike started back on NCIS in 2003, he never imagined he would be involved shooting on over 300 episodes! Not only did the Cast and Crew reach this epic milestone, it was accomplished while being the most viewed television show in the world 3 years in a row! Mike always says, “I’m Livin da Dream!”

Mike Kubeisy a trainer for KelbyOne, a Photoflex Light Leader, and a member of The International Cinematographers Guild I.A.T.S.E. Local 600.

Visit Mike’s website for a look at some great photography at 4stills.com

005 Get to Know Rick & Larry A Little Better

Sure, most of our podcasts will be interviews with the best photographers in the world, but who the heck are these guys doing the interviews in the first place? This episode Rick and Larry interview each other for a little more behind-the-scenes look at the guys and some of the things they’ve learned, having been in the photography field for decades.

Get to know a little more about Rick Sammon and Larry Becker this time while Rick & Larry talk about some of their experiences in the industry and what they’re doing these days.

Find Rick and Larry online at their web sites:

http://ricksammon.com  and   http://larrybecker.tv

004 Jonathan Scott – The Big Cat Man

Jonathan Scott is an award winning wildlife photographer, television presenter and conservationist living in Kenya, married to photographer Angela Scott and fondly known as The Big Cat People. Jonathan talks about his life as a photographer, what inspires him, how he got started and the joy of working as a team with his wife Angela.

Description: The Scott’s are the only couple to have won the Overall Award in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition as Individuals – Jonathan in 1987 and Angela in 2002. They are both Canon Ambassadors and SanDisk Elite Team members. Jonathan loves to share his passion for life and photography and how important it is to give back.

Be sure to visit: www.jonathanangelascott.com

003 Karen Hutton is Our First Guest

Multi-talented artist, performer, and world-renowned photographer Karen Hutton shares her insights to photography

Karen Hutton is an impressive, well-rounded artist and landscape and travel photographer who brings her perspective to the table. She talks about the benefits of specializing and how the deep-dive can help you get recognized and regular followers.

Karen talks about artistic voice and sourcing and will open your eyes to new approaches. And watch for her take on starting from a clean slate.

Be sure to visit KarenHutton.com too.

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002 Getting It Right In Camera

Rick Sammon & Larry Becker talk about using your camera the right way…

In this second episode, Rick and Larry talk about camera techniques and some of the things that go into getting a great shot by using your gear the right way.

This is a Rick and Larry discussion show and future episodes will be interviews with leading, world-famous shooters. So listen to these friends, Larry and Rick, riff and talk cameras and shooting. Then next time, plan on a pro interview.

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001 Picturing Success Podcast Launch Episode

In the world of professional photography, there’s a spirit of sharing and when you get to the top of the profession, where the great shooters are, there’s a desire to share all about our photography passions. A couple of guys who have been at it for years, helping others learn everything about photography, the gear, and the small business side of photography are Canon Explorer of Light, Rick Sammon, and gear reviewer, trainer, and trade show host and trainer, Larry Becker.

Rick & Larry love talking about photography so much that they decided to start doing it regularly and share it with the world on an all new podcast called Picturing Success. Rick & Larry kick off this first episode telling you what to expect and how much is on the horizon in the coming year.