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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

172 Rick Sammon’s Photo Therapy – The Book

Need some photo therapy, inspiration and wisdom? You’ve come to the right place.

In this episode, Larry talks with Rick about his latest (and 49th) book, which is filled with all of the above.

As Rick says in the interview, his book has no photographs, yet he feels as though it is his most important and informative work, because he trusts it will make you think—deep and hard—about your photography. After all, using your brain is the key, the best “accessory,” to becoming a better photographer. Or, as famed black-and-white landscape photographer Ansel Adams (1902–1984) said, “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”

If you are feeling a bit down about your photography, or just need a creative boost, check out Rick’s book. You can download a free sample on Amazon.com, where the e-book and paperback are sold exclusively.

Link: http://bit.ly/RicksPhotoTherapy

Chad Robertson:

171 Five Quick Tips – Photographers, Put this stuff on your smartphone

Clever ways to use your smartphone for photography related help

This episode is NOT about iPhone photography. It’s about how photographers can leverage your smartphone as a tool.

And there’s a Black Friday bonus notice in this episode too!

170 Brad Moore – Multi-talented photographer talks with Larry Becker

Brad is known throughout the industry because of all his great connections and his photography skills

Early in his career, Brad was a photography assistant to Joe McNally and later Scott Kelby. And then he grew into quite a few important roles at Kelby One before branching out on his own.

Best known for his concert photography, Brad is exploring a brand new area of commercial photography that is sure to explode in the coming years. Air B&B promotional shoots.

Larry and Brad have been friends for years and today’s show recalls all kinds of great experiences Brad has had over the years on his way to his current business. There’s sure to be something for everyone.


169 Five Quick Tips about Camera Gear Maintenance

Our beloved gear makes the craft of photography possible and maintenance of that gear is mission critical

There are all kinds of little tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining your precious camera gear and we bet you learn one or two (or maybe even five) things you haven’t heard about for gear maintenance. 

5 Quick Tips style, Rick and Larry get right to the point and it’s a great episode for a short commute.


167 Five Quick Tips About Cool, Little-Known Photography Gadgets

Larry & Rick talk about cool little devices that help with photography

Larry is a self-professed “gadget guy” and he has all kinds of cool little gadgets that make all aspects of photography easier and more fun. There are so many things people don’t even know exist. Great solutions to little nagging issues.

So this time around you’ll learn about half a dozen cool little things in Larry’s camera bag that make his photography life better.

166 Steve Brazill – Rick Welcomes Back Rock Star Photographer/Popular Podcaster

Sure, Rick and Steve talk about what it’s like photographing rock groups on a stage, but Steve also talks about shooting the moon!

We think you will love this episode, because you can use all of Steve’s tips in your own photography. You will hear about the “art of compromise,” the art of black-and-white photography, and taking the mystery out of a scene.

Steve also talks about his awesome Behind the Shot podcast, which Rick has been on a few times. Finally, Steve offers some advice on choosing the best ear plugs.


Behind the Shot Podcast:

twitter.stevebrazill.com (@SteveBrazill)

facebook.stevebrazill.com (@Steve Brazill Photography)

instagram.stevebrazill.com (@SteveBrazill)

165 Five Quick Tips for Fixing Pictures That Have Soft Focus

When you shot a picture and you get back to the studio and realize the focus is soft, what do you do?

The best thing to do with poor focus shots is to reshoot. But what if you’re already done at the location and you’re looking on your computer when you realize the focus is soft?

Rick and Larry talk about 5 quick things you can do to have a better finished image.

164 David Bergman – Concert Photographer Shares Great Insights and A Huge Opportunity

Master of Music, Concert, Sports and Celebrity Photography – Chats with Rick

A very small, exclusive group of people are pro concert photographers and only one can get you back stage for a BIG show so YOU can shoot with him…

Join Rick as he interviews David Bergman, a fellow photographer and musician, about the photo gear and techniques he uses to get award-winning images – and keeps him at the top of his game.

Learn about shooting in low light and ISO settings, using strobes and lenses – and most important, how to develop a relationship with a subject.

David also talks about how he created his own reality as a music photographer.

Lots to learn in this episode of our podcast – including how important it is to be a good businessperson.

163 Five Quick Tips for Dealing with Trolls

Rick and Larry talk about ways to handle Internet trolls posting about your work

It’s a frustrating thing these days when people hide behind anonymity and just say mean stuff from their keyboard (in their mom’s basement). Rick and Larry have had their fair share of being trolled and these 5 Quick Tips are insights for dealing with those keyboard warriors.