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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

117 André Audet talks with Rick

Rick interviews this impressive Canadian wildlife and landscape photographer

André Audet is an emerging photographer living on Canada’s East Coast, shooting in various styles, with a passion for landscape and wildlife photography. He teaches photography classes and leads workshops in English and in French in his local area.

Rick and André talk about creating your own luck when it comes to landscape and wildlife photography, with references to a particular “lucky” image that André shot at an iconic landmark near his hometown, at the Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world. They also brush on social media and the importance of listening to the feedback received from social media followers, as well as how shooting in one particular photographic style can help you improve your skills in other genres.


116 Five Quick Tips for Going On A Photo Walk

Quick Learning and No Fluff – All about having a better photo walk experience

Photo walks aren’t complicated, so you might not think there’s much to planning for one. But you might be surprised.

There are lots of things that can make your photo walk experience better and this time around, Rick and Larry hit on some smart advice for photo walkers of all kinds.

And we do it Quick-Tips Style!

115 – Richard Harker talks with Rick about Photography at the Poles

Planning a trip to the Arctic or Antarctica? This inside information is just what you need

Richard Harker is a photography, Photoshop, Lightroom and iPhone expert – and a heck of a nice guy. He has spent 14 years as a photo coach on Abercrombie & Kent voyages around the world in both the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as in Japan on luxury ships. Rick, also a photo coach for A&K, and Richard discuss photographing from the deck of a large ship as well as from a zodiac (rubber inflatable boat).

Rick and Richard cover the challenges of wildlife photograph and ice photography. They discuss lenses, camera care, exposure and more.


114 Five Quick Tips for Using Telephoto Zoom Lenses

The Second in Our Quick Tips series

Based on feedback from listeners Rick and Larry have decided to keep the interview episodes and “big topic” episodes, but also add some “Quick Tips” episodes that get to the point more quickly.

This time we have 5 tips about Using Telephoto Zoom Lenses.

Have a listen and then join the Facebook group and tell us what 5 Quick Tips you’d like to hear.

113 Rick and His Fellow KelbyOne Instructor Glyn Dewis Talk About the Power of Photography

Glyn Dewis and Rick talk about photography in some unexpected ways

If you need some inspiration about growing as a photographer and want to get the inside scoop on how Glyn has grown – personally and professionally (which can help you) – you have come to the right place. This episode is for you!

Rick also asks Glyn about: his latest book, how learning about lighting changed his photo life, and about his Westcott background. Rick’s favorite part of the interview is when he asks Glyn about a project that is very close to his heart – his photographing veterans project.

Glyn’s website: https://www.glyndewis.com

112 — 5 Quick Tips – Using A Flash

New Series of Quick Tips starting with Flash

Based on feedback from listeners Rick and Larry have decided to keep the interview episodes and “big topic” episodes, but also add some “Quick Tips” episodes that get to the point more quickly.

This time we’re starting with 5 tips all about using flash more effectively.

Have a listen and then join the Facebook group and tell us what 5 Quick Tips you’d like to hear.


111 Rick Talks with Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Photographer, Author and more ­ Harun Mehedinovic

Need some inspiration ­ photographically and personally? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this interview, Harun talks about everything from surviving “sniper alley” as kid (age 9) to photographing in sub­zero conditions as an adult (he’s now 35).

Huran was on episode #42 of our podcast. In this episode, Harun gives us an update on all this projects, including a HBO project produced by Leonard DiCaprio. The documentary highlights the effects of methane gas on the environment and climate change – a topic close to Rick’s heart.

For all our “gear head” listeners, Harun also talks about the Canon cameras and lenses he uses for his still photographs, videos and time­lapse sequences.

Rick, in cosy Croton­on­Hudson, NY interviewed Harun while he was working in chilly Alaska ­ from his vehicle. We thank Harun for sharing his passion for image making and life with us.
Web site

Skyglow: www.skyglowproject.com
HAARP video


110 Food & Beverage Photography Tips with Freddy Clark of Santé Food & Beverage Photography

You’ll learn a lot in this episode from expert food photographer Freddy Clark

While each type of photography is different, light is light and what you do with one style of photography can help you with all aspects of your photography.

Rick sits down with Freddy Clark of Santé Food Photography to talk about tips on how to make your food photography look its best. Whether you’re shooting your the dinner you ordered at your favorite local diner for social media or doing a shoot for a top restaurant in your city, learn how to prep, style and light to make people hungry and thirsty.

You’ll hear tips on food styling, lighting, circular polarizers and find out about food and culture photography workshops Freddy will be doing with Canon Live Learning in New York City and New Orleans.

Portfolio Site




109 Christine Moody – A Photographer Who Captures the Mood

Larry Interviews this exceptional portrait photographer

Larry’s friend and famous Hollywood photographer, Mike Kubeisy, introduced Larry to Christine at Photoshop World years ago and Larry has been following Christine’s work ever since. 

From beautiful portraits that seem to capture the soul of her subjects, to engaging and fun animal portraits, Christine is a true professional who has a warmth and glow in her work and her personality. Her company, TriMood Photography delivers images that are building a solid foundation for even more growth, and well deserved recognition.


Demo Video

108 Joe Brady Landscape Photographer Talks Tech AND Inspiration

Rick Interviews His Good Guitar­Playing and Picture­ Taking Friend Joe Brady

Rick and Joe touch on TTL vs Manual speedlite photography, but the main focus of this podcast is landscape photography.

Joe offers his best tips and Rick offers his best advice ­ so in effect, this is a “Battle of the Landscape Photography Tips.” Rick’s best advice is, of course: It Depends.” Joe’s best advice is to forget about shooting EXCLUSIVELY at the “golden hours.” Rather, shoot throughout the day to get great shots. If you need help improving your landscape photography, you’ve come to the right place.