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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

137 Five Quick Tips for Product Photography

Some simple insights can make your products shots much better

Rick and Larry discuss some of the key tips and tricks for capturing better product photos. 

Whether you’re doing some informal photography to sell something on eBay or Facebook, or if you’re considering getting some paying gigs shooting product photos, today’s Quick Tips episode is just what you need.

136 Rick talks about LOTS of gear with Chris Klapheke

Let’s Talk About Gear for the great outdoors!

Rick Sammon and Chris Klapheke of Outdoor Photo Gear talk about unique gear to protect your camera kit while shooting in different harsh environments.

Cold, wet, salty and dusty conditions can make for some very dramatic images. However, those same conditions can play havoc with you and with your valuable equipment.

As seasoned outdoor photographers, Rick and Chris discuss some of their favorite ways and favorite gear to keep you and your camera kit safe and dry. From boots and gloves to rain gear, Chris gives you the lowdown on good products to buy based on his many years of retailing outdoor gear to photographers.

Outdoor Photo Gear

NEOS Overshoes
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/search.php?search_query=overshoes&Searc h=

OP/Tech Rain Covers

Think Tank Rain Covers
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/search.php?search_query=emergency&Sear ch=

Vortex Storm Jackets

Kwik Camo Photo Blind
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/epgear-kwik-camo-ultra-portable- photography-blind-true-timber-katani/

Pod Pad Tripod Carry

Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen

135 Five Quick Tips about Macro Photography

Featuring Special Guest Don Komarechka

It’s still a quick tips episode with fast knowledge bombs, but this time it features Macro Photography expert Don Komarechka.

134 Rick Interviews Bird Lover Leila Jeffreys About Her New Bird Book and Her Bird Photography

Aboard the M/V Sea Spirit on his Poseidon Expeditions “From the Highlands to the High Arctic” adventure, Rick sat down with Leila Jeffreys, one of his fellow guest lecturers, to discuss what started as a labor of love and turned into an internationally acclaimed coffee-table book.

Called “Birdland” in Australia and “Bird Love” in the USA/UK, Leila’s new book pictures, in extremely fine detail, dozens of birds– without the distraction of their natural environments. Leila’s feathered friends, you see, were all photographed in the studio. In this episode you’ll learn about Leila’s technique and about her gear, as well as her (and Rick’s) passion for protecting the environment.

Visit with Leila

Learn more about Poseidon Expeditions 

Leila’s NY Show

133 Five Quick Tips About Asking to Take Someone’s Picture

Probably the quickest 5 Quick Tips episode – How to Ask to Take A Person’s Picture

Suggested by our listener and guest, Alec Arons, Rick and Larry answer how to go about asking someone if it’s okay to take their picture.

132 Don Komarechka Reveals His Macro Photography Magic Tricks

Rick Interviews Don Komarechka About Shooting Macro AND His New Book… “Macro Photography: The Universe At Our Feet”

Want to learn more about macro photography – lightings, lenses, techniques, tiny subjects and more? You’ve come to the right place!

Rick has long admired the work (and world) of Canadian photographer Don Komarechka. In this episode Rick and Don talk about a ton of stuff, ranging from close-up photography trips, tricks and techniques to Don’s latest – and Kickstarter-funded – book: Macro Photography: The Universe At Our Feet.

Don takes us through the magical journey of one-to-one photography (true macro photography) as well as the Kickstarter process of book publishing.

Tune in, as always for some photo learning and photo fun. Links:





131 Five Quick Tips for Using Neutral Density Filters

Just a quick show to help our photographer friends understand ND filters

Lately we’ve been releasing interview shows and longer topic shows on Mondays and we’ve started releasing tips and tricks style shows called Five Quick Tips on Thursdays. This time around we cover best practices with neutral density filters.

130 Alec Arons – The Seven Habits of a Successful Workshop Participant

Alec Arons is a loyal listener to the podcast and has attended several of Rick’s Workshops now he is giving back!

Photography was a long dormant hobby for Alec but over the past 2 plus years he has rekindled his passion and is developing into a fine photographer with a passion for, old cars, neon and landscapes.

Rick and Alec talk about his growth as a photographer and with homage to Stephen Covey the habits that Alec has developed to maximize his participation in workshops and local meet-up groups. Applying these principles have enabled Alec to learn and grow as a photographer. He has learned that being prepared, mindful and sharing his images with others have enabled him to maximize his experience and grow in confidence.

Alec credits Rick with curing his OCD – Obsessive Clicking Disorder through the One Picture Promise though he is slowly developing a case of Obsessive Cropping Disorder. One other thing about Alec ,as Rick has mentioned in the past, he is very familiar with all of our sponsors and for that we thank him with apologies to his very supportive wife Diane!





129 Five Quick Tips for Using Daylight Fill Flash

Our listener Alec Arons suggested this one

So far this is the QUICKEST Quick Tips episode and that’s the goal. Good info about photography without any extra fluff. Sure, we love our interview and deep dive topics, but Five Quick Tips are just QUICK!!

128 Jeff Leimbach talks with Rick

Jeff Leimbach and Rick have worked together on seminars, classes, photo shoots, and they talk about that and more

Rick sat down with our mutual friend, Jeff Leimbach, and talked about his new class on KelbyOne called “What to Shoot When There is Nothing to Shoot.” A class that is a bit different than most because it’s not about how to shoot but what to shoot. We discussed self assignments and how they can help you see things you wouldn’t have ordinarily seen. The class also talks about places, times and objects to shoot.

They also discussed workshops and some of the things to look for in choosing a workshop or instructor as well as how to act on one so that you get the most out of the experience.