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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

124 Lauren Naylor talks nude photography from a female perspective and the importance of balancing creative vs paid projects

Lauren is a photographer & creative director that uses unique set design and cinematic motifs to create expressive visual stories

Rick met Lauren when she was working an office job in NYC in the marketing department of a reputable photography company. 5 years later, she’s living in Los Angeles working as a freelance photographer with no intentions on going back to the 9­5 life.

Lauren and Rick discuss the creativity involved in Lauren’s work, and the delicate, sometimes headache-­inducing balance between creative and (mundane) paid work that’s vital if you’re a freelance photographer. They talk about capturing emotion vs getting the perfect technical shot, and
the difference between tasteful nude photography and…not­-so-­tasteful. They also chat about Lauren’s side projects— including music, her production studio along side art director Claire Quest called Nightdove Studio, and Supervirgo— LA’s community for female creatives.

I Can’t Go for That (cover)

Website: www.lnaylor.com
Instagram: @lnaynay

Nightdove Studio: www.nightdove.com
Supervirgo: www.supervirgo.com

123 Bonus Episode to Announce June 18 event

Adorama’s Inspire Event in New York is on the way

There’s a special event for photographers happening mid June and it’s designed to Inspire photographers of every stripe.

This BONUS episode gives you some insights to the event from some of the presenters themselves.



122 Five Quick Tips for Buying the Right Camera Bag

Straight to the point, Rick and Larry talk insider tips for getting the right bag

The 5 Quick Tips episodes are designed to be shorter and right to the point. We cover things photographers want to know about and this time it’s all about getting the right camera bag and there are bound to be some things you just haven’t thought about. 


121 Marina Barayeva of the Marketing for Creatives Show Talks with Larry

Known worldwide for her Marketing for Creatives podcast, this Russian born China resident talks photography, modeling, and marketing

Photographers have all kinds of backgrounds. Marina Barayeva is an international portrait photographer, speaker and a host of the Marketing for Creatives show. Marina is known authority in helping entrepreneurs become influencers in their niche. And the podcast (Larry is a regular listener) is where he first learned about Marina’s background and asked her to be on the show.

Marina’s website

120 Five Quick Tips for Shooting An Event That’s On Stage

Shooting stage events from the audience can be challenging so here are Rick and Larry’s 5 Quick Tips

There are times when you go to a staged event, like a school play or a graduation ceremony, and you want to get all the best shots you can.

We’re not talking about event photographers or stage shooters. This is for family members in the audience.

So enjoy this Quick Tips episode that gets right to the point.


119 Steven Inglima and The Deliberate Photograph

Long Time Friends Rick and Steve discuss Steve’s upcoming workshop and a lot of other things

Steven Inglima has been a photographic teacher in one form or another since his half ownership of a darkroom rental business and working for EPOI (Nikon’s importer back in the ‘70s). He’s been teaching the gamut from lens design, understanding all form of cameras, large format technique, darkroom skills, digital capture, and post processing controls, etc. etc.

Rick and Steve have a lively discussion peeling back the layers of what makes a photograph have value; how to identify what’s worth capturing, and the process of consistently crafting an image which communicates that worth. If you’ve marveled at your favorite images and wished that you were that capable, imagine being able to make visual statements about what you personally care about which rival these icons!

It’s a reveal about Steve’s class at the Maine Media Workshops this September, about distilling the essence of what makes a great photograph, and how to enable photographic enthusiasts to accomplish this at will.

Workshop web page:

Personal Web page:

118 Five Quick Tips for Keeping Lenses and Filters Clean

This 5 Quick Tips episode is thanks to John Balboni

Keeping lenses and filters clean is different than cleaning other kinds of glass, and there are things you might have never considered. Like the electronic contacts. When to clean the lenses. What to use. And some times you might want to try to make your lens dirty.

Rick and Larry break all that down in this Quick episode.


117 André Audet talks with Rick

Rick interviews this impressive Canadian wildlife and landscape photographer

André Audet is an emerging photographer living on Canada’s East Coast, shooting in various styles, with a passion for landscape and wildlife photography. He teaches photography classes and leads workshops in English and in French in his local area.

Rick and André talk about creating your own luck when it comes to landscape and wildlife photography, with references to a particular “lucky” image that André shot at an iconic landmark near his hometown, at the Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world. They also brush on social media and the importance of listening to the feedback received from social media followers, as well as how shooting in one particular photographic style can help you improve your skills in other genres.


116 Five Quick Tips for Going On A Photo Walk

Quick Learning and No Fluff – All about having a better photo walk experience

Photo walks aren’t complicated, so you might not think there’s much to planning for one. But you might be surprised.

There are lots of things that can make your photo walk experience better and this time around, Rick and Larry hit on some smart advice for photo walkers of all kinds.

And we do it Quick-Tips Style!

115 – Richard Harker talks with Rick about Photography at the Poles

Planning a trip to the Arctic or Antarctica? This inside information is just what you need

Richard Harker is a photography, Photoshop, Lightroom and iPhone expert – and a heck of a nice guy. He has spent 14 years as a photo coach on Abercrombie & Kent voyages around the world in both the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as in Japan on luxury ships. Rick, also a photo coach for A&K, and Richard discuss photographing from the deck of a large ship as well as from a zodiac (rubber inflatable boat).

Rick and Richard cover the challenges of wildlife photograph and ice photography. They discuss lenses, camera care, exposure and more.