Picturing Success episodes

rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

050 Expert Photographer Tony Corbell and Rick discuss great photography training insights, workshops, and more

Tony Corbell is a world-renowned photographer and truly nice guy who shares openly on this episode

Rick has known – and respected – Tony since the early 1980s. Tony is a master of studio lighting and natural lighting. He speaks all over the world, and leads awesome photo workshops.

Hey If Rick can learn a lot from Tony, so can you!

Visit Tony’s workshop website

Visit Tony’s commercial photography website

049 Erik Kuna shares Rocket Launch Photo Strategies with Larry

Erik Kuna may be VP of Operations at Kelby One, but he’s gaining a big following for his rocket launch photography

Larry sat down with Erik Kuna to talk rocket launch photography and what goes into it. Erik shared everything from planning and special apps you’ll want so you can get a good location, to techniques behind some of his most notable shots.

Check out his rocket launch portfolios here:


048 Ibarionex Perello

Rick Sammon interviews his long time friend, Photo Industry insider, and podcaster Ibarionex Perello

Rick gets some good – and candid – comments from his friend Ibarionex Perello, host of the Candid Frame podcast.

Street photography and black-and white photography – and the importance of contrast and shadows – are the main topics of this interview.

The Candid Frame Podcast

046 Susan Todd & Andy Young

Dynamic Duo Makes Filmmaking a Family Affair

The producers, directors and writers of the new IMAX film, Backyard Wilderness, share their passion for filmmaking and nature – and having fun!

Rick talks with his Emmy-award winning friends/neighbors about how they shot this amazing film. If you love digital filmmaking and nature films, you will love Rick’s interview.

045 Larry Tiefenbrunn – Inventor of the PlatyPod

Hanging out with friends at Photoshop World 2018 in Orlando

Larry B and Larry T have been friends for years and Larry T has been a fan of Rick for years too. And these days we’re all just good friends. So when we were all together at Photoshop World, we took a few minutes to talk about photography, inspiration, some great books, and of course, the PlatyPod. 

044 Glyn Dewis, Dave Clayton, Rick & Larry

Our UK friends from the “He Shoots, He Draws” podcast joined us at Photoshop World for a great conversation

Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton are a couple of talented and really funny professionals from England. They were in Orlando with us for Photoshop World 2018, since they’re instructors too. And you’ll be able to hear from the interaction, that we all respect each other and poke fun too. Hope you enjoy listening in on this conversation.

Lots of links:

He Shoots He Draws podcast


Dave’s social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: itsDaveClayton

Glyn’s social media on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube: glyndewis

043 Giving A Great Photography Presentation

Rick and Larry share all kinds of insights for giving a great presentation

Having been on stage hundreds and hundreds of times each, Rick and Larry have some solid insights about how to connect with the crowd, how to set and maintain good energy, how to establish credibility, and more.