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rick sammon & larry becker talk with the best photographers in the world

142 Frank Doorhof — Rick Talks with Frank Doorhof About Lighting, Workshops and More!

Recorded live from Frank’s RV (yes, it was parked) in the Netherlands, Frank offers tips on lighting, working with models and more!

When it comes to lighting, Frank does it all. He uses speedlites, studio strobes, natural light, Lume Cubes, gels or whatever it takes to make the shot – because it’s all about creating a mood with lighting. Frank also talks about TTL vs Manual speedlight shooting.

In September 2019, Frank is coming to NYC for an awesome workshop. Click on the link below to learn more about this workshop. You can also catch Frank at Photoshop World, where you may see him on stage playing guitar with our friend Scott Kelby.

Sept 1, Mastering the Model Shoot in New York, USA


141 Five Quick Tips for Using A Platypod

Platypod Inventor Larry Tiefenbrunn Offers 5 Great Tips for Leveraging the Power of a Platypod

Rick spent some time with Larry T, inventor of the Platypod, recently and got some great tips for how to get the most out of all a Platypod can do.

140 Joe Johnson, Sr • Rick interviews Really Right Stuff’s Joe Johnson, Sr.

Rick talk with Joe about wildlife photography, camera settings like back-button- focus, exposure, tripods, ball heads and pano heads

Joe Johnson, Sr. is more than a product manufacturer/designer sitting behind a computer – a job he does well. He, along with his son Joe Jr. (who runs the marketing end of the company) are constantly out in the field making compelling photographs – just like many of the RRS staff.

As a photographer-based company, RRS understands the needs of pros and amateur photographers alike, developing products – for top of the line cameras to smartphones – that have gained the Utah-based company one of the best reputations in the photo industry.

Take a listen to Rick’s interview with Joe, who is also one of the nicest people in our industry.


139 Five Quick Tips on Model Photography with Frank Doorhof

The Amazing Frank Doorhof, from the Netherlands, Gives today’s 5 tips

World famous photographer, Frank Doorhof, provides 5 Quick Tips for his area of expertise, model photography. Frank is friends with both Rick and Larry and they have both learned from Frank over the years. If you’re considering model photography, have a listen to this quick show for some great insights!

And Frank is coming to New York to teach a LIVE workshop. Here’s the link:


138 Skip Cohen Talks with Rick about EVERYTHING Photography

Rick talks with photo industry icon Skip Cohen about Skip Cohen University and years in the photography industry

Long time listeners know that Rick likes to skip around – from topic to topic – during his interviews. This show is no different. Rick and Skip, president of Skip Cohen University, skip around to about a dozen different topics, mostly relating to the business of photography. It’s all in good fun and as usual, very educational.

Rick starts off telling Skip to “mind your own business,” which Skip actually thinks is good advice. Rick and Skip also talk about not believing your own BS and that people want to know how much you care before they care how much you know.

Skips also talks about the “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” organization, in which you can get involved.

Finally, don’t skip checking out these links.






137 Five Quick Tips for Product Photography

Some simple insights can make your products shots much better

Rick and Larry discuss some of the key tips and tricks for capturing better product photos. 

Whether you’re doing some informal photography to sell something on eBay or Facebook, or if you’re considering getting some paying gigs shooting product photos, today’s Quick Tips episode is just what you need.

136 Rick talks about LOTS of gear with Chris Klapheke

Let’s Talk About Gear for the great outdoors!

Rick Sammon and Chris Klapheke of Outdoor Photo Gear talk about unique gear to protect your camera kit while shooting in different harsh environments.

Cold, wet, salty and dusty conditions can make for some very dramatic images. However, those same conditions can play havoc with you and with your valuable equipment.

As seasoned outdoor photographers, Rick and Chris discuss some of their favorite ways and favorite gear to keep you and your camera kit safe and dry. From boots and gloves to rain gear, Chris gives you the lowdown on good products to buy based on his many years of retailing outdoor gear to photographers.

Outdoor Photo Gear

NEOS Overshoes
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/search.php?search_query=overshoes&Searc h=

OP/Tech Rain Covers

Think Tank Rain Covers
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/search.php?search_query=emergency&Sear ch=

Vortex Storm Jackets

Kwik Camo Photo Blind
https://www.outdoorphotogear.com/epgear-kwik-camo-ultra-portable- photography-blind-true-timber-katani/

Pod Pad Tripod Carry

Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen

135 Five Quick Tips about Macro Photography

Featuring Special Guest Don Komarechka

It’s still a quick tips episode with fast knowledge bombs, but this time it features Macro Photography expert Don Komarechka.

134 Rick Interviews Bird Lover Leila Jeffreys About Her New Bird Book and Her Bird Photography

Aboard the M/V Sea Spirit on his Poseidon Expeditions “From the Highlands to the High Arctic” adventure, Rick sat down with Leila Jeffreys, one of his fellow guest lecturers, to discuss what started as a labor of love and turned into an internationally acclaimed coffee-table book.

Called “Birdland” in Australia and “Bird Love” in the USA/UK, Leila’s new book pictures, in extremely fine detail, dozens of birds– without the distraction of their natural environments. Leila’s feathered friends, you see, were all photographed in the studio. In this episode you’ll learn about Leila’s technique and about her gear, as well as her (and Rick’s) passion for protecting the environment.

Visit with Leila

Learn more about Poseidon Expeditions 

Leila’s NY Show

133 Five Quick Tips About Asking to Take Someone’s Picture

Probably the quickest 5 Quick Tips episode – How to Ask to Take A Person’s Picture

Suggested by our listener and guest, Alec Arons, Rick and Larry answer how to go about asking someone if it’s okay to take their picture.